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Making decisions easier and more accurate

Increase customer satisfaction and create more targeted and effective business strategies.

Ever-evolving data quality features

Custom rule creation feature with unlimited options.

Set rules for different criteria like minimum field length, recent record modifications, or the number of activities for a record.

Filter out activities based on your preferences, such as the last email received or the most recent appointment.
Create rules using Flow for checking status in different systems.
Data Score feature helps you assess the overall quality of your data.

Options to restrict record changes until specific requirements are fulfilled. Supports any entity standard and custom.

Metaphone 3 algorithm - the way to detect duplicates

One of the key advantages of Metaphone 3 is its ability to index names by sound. This means that it can recognize variations in pronunciation and spelling, making it easier to identify duplicates that may have been misspelled or entered into a system differently.

The algorithm achieves a correction rate of 99%, which means that it is highly accurate and reliable.

Widely used in industries such as banking, healthcare, and government, where accurate and efficient record-keeping is essential.

Quickly and easily prevent duplicate records

By using our advanced realtime detection, businesses can clean up and prevent duplicates from being created in the first place.

Providing options to cross-check records from different entities before being created.

For example, when a new record is being created, the add-on checks if the same record already exists in a different entity through the whole system, and flag/prevent the potential duplicate accordingly.

Phonetic algorithm detecting duplicates in spite of numerous misspellings made by end users.

Create your own rules to match your business needs

Define advanced data quality rules without any limitations.

Developing tailored rules to align with the specific requirements of your business is a critical step in achieving optimal data quality. With the ability to create advanced data quality rules, unencumbered by any limitations, you can ensure that your data adheres to the highest standards of accuracy, completeness, and consistency.

With just few clicks, you can effortlessly manage business data requirements for every entity, whether it entails preventing the occurrence of duplicate records or capturing complex business data requirements.

Quickly merge a large number of duplicates on any entity

Defining the merging rules criteria and enabling the auto-merge feature.

Additionally, related data can be consolidated using advanced merge order or FetchXML. This approach ensures the efficient handling of duplicate data while maintaining high data quality standards.

This feature is especially useful for organizations with large volumes of data or those in highly regulated industries where data accuracy and compliance are critical.

With our add-on features, you can be confident that your data is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant.

Manual merge any record on any entity

Advanced manual merge features empowers both admins and end-users to target and merge duplicate records according to their unique needs.

The feature provides more control over data, allowing administrators to enforce merging rules and criteria while enabling end-users to maintain accurate and up-to-date data.

Reduces the risk of errors and ensures data integrity, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline their data management processes.


Uncover additional benefits

Get valid data across multiple channels, then allow your team to take right actions with key insights.

The power of quality data

Incorrect data can significantly hurt the view of your customers and it is the responsibility of all business users to effectively manage data at every touch point with Dynamics 365.


Improved efficiency


Improved data quality


Improved forecasting

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