Next Release – New Features

Next Release – New Features

Here is description of new features and minor fix for Duplicate Detection Addon for Dynamics 365

1st New Feature:
For Bulk Merge, we have added the option that you can select which related entities will be merged to the master record.

For an example if you don’t want cases to be merged to the master record, you can do that now.

2nd New Feature:
Users can now run duplicate detection from list views and administrator can select which duplicate rules are enabled for list views.

For an example: User can select contacts from the view or run duplicate detection on all records from the view. User will be presented which duplicate rules are enabled for that entity and select which rule to use to check for duplicates.
From here, user can select to run duplicate detection in foreground or background as you can in current release.

When running duplicate detection in background, the lookup field for the result was empty for easy navigation,  it has been fixed in next release.


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