Over 40 Features in Data Quality App With Latest Release 1.16

I’m glad to announce that version 1.16 has been released and Duplicate Detection Addon has now over 40 features and we will not stop here.

Many features that has been added have been requested by customers, if you have an idea for new feature, we would like to hear from you.

New features:

Bulk Detection – Data Target Filtering
This feature can be used to filter records which you want to check duplicate against.
Using this feature with Source Data Filtering, you have many options how you want to detect duplicates.

Bulk Merge – Merge Options
There are more options now to select master record
You can select master record by using created date or modified date and select if it’s the newest record or oldest that is master record.


Second option is to select master record based on how many activities the record has.
You can select if the master record should be the one with most activities or one with least.

Third option is where you can select master record based on how many fields on the record has data, you can select master record with the most filled fields or least.





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