Email marketing with Data Quality App

Email marketing is an essential part of any business strategy. It allows companies to reach out to potential clients and engage with their audience. However, managing the large number of emails sent daily can be a daunting task, and it can be challenging to keep track of all the leads and responses. This is where the Dynamics CRM and the Data Quality App for Dynamics 365 comes in.

Let’s imagine a scenario where a client is sending emails to potential clients from the Dynamics CRM. The client sends out a large number of emails daily and wants to have a better overview of leads where there was no response on those messages. This way, they can clean the data later and focus on leads that are more likely to convert.

To achieve this, the client uses the Data Quality App for Dynamics 365, which allows them to sort data where emails are older than 14 days, the number of days the client decided should pass without a response. Then, using only one field created by Data Quality in the advance find, all contacts with no response can be found and disqualified or deleted with couple of clicks. This saves the client a lot of time, as they no longer need to search for contacts or perform additional sorting.

The Data Quality rule created by the client is set to show a warning on contacts where the last email activity is older than 14 days on the contact. This allows the client to quickly identify leads that are no longer engaged and focus on more active leads. By doing this, the client can improve the overall data quality of their CRM system and increase the efficiency of their email marketing campaigns.

By creating a dashboard using this field, users can get an overview of all their leads and their “No incoming email” field status. This can help them identify leads that have not been engaged in a while and take action to re-engage them.

For example, a user can create a dashboard that displays all leads with a “No incoming email” field status of more than 14 days. This dashboard can be shared with the sales team, and they can use it to focus on re-engaging these leads by sending them personalized follow-up emails or making a phone call.

The Data Quality Dynamics 365 add-on provides a powerful tool to manage and maintain data quality in Dynamics CRM. It allows users to create custom rules that can be applied to contacts, accounts, and leads. These rules can be used to identify duplicates, validate data, and improve the accuracy of the data stored in Dynamics CRM.

In conclusion, managing email marketing campaigns can be challenging, but with the Dynamics CRM and the Data Quality Dynamics 365 add-on, it can be more manageable. By using custom data quality rules, users can quickly identify inactive leads and focus on those that are more likely to convert. This, in turn, can lead to better engagement rates, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, increased revenue for the business.

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