Which CRM versions does it support?
We support from Dynamics 365 8.2 and newer.

Does it support on-premise and online?
Yes, both versions are supported

Does it support PowerApps?
Yes, we support it same way as Dynamics 365.

Can I create more than one rule for same entity?
Yes, unlimited.

Can I create unlimited Data Quality Rules?
Yes, we support all enteties and we have no limits on rules.

Can I select which system view that I want to show when duplicates are detected?

Yes, you can select which system view that you want to use, when duplicates are detected.
You can create one specific for duplicate detection and chose which columns you want to show

Default duplicate detection can only detect data that the user can read, can I set it to detect all data in the system, regardless which security role the user has?
Yes, you can select how it should detect duplicates, you can set this per duplicate rule.

What does the ‘Run as User’ do?
You can use this, if you want it to detect duplicates based on the security role of that user
This is setting per duplicate rule

What does the ‘Run as System’ do?
You can use this, if you want it to detect all data in the system, regardless what the running user have access to.
It will NOT give the user more access in the system, it will only use this to scan for duplicates.

Can it detect duplicates on all entities?

Can I run ‘Bulk-Merge’ on all entities?
Yes, on all write-able entities.

Is there a report that shows result of duplicate detection?
Yes, when you run the duplicate detection, you can view the duplicates in the result window or open the report, you can export result to excel or PDF.

If I select ‘Allow Save Duplicate’ = No and I forgot to add the script on form, will it still prevent users from creating duplicate?
Yes, it will prevent the user, the script on form is used to show the duplicate detection warning. If the script is not enabled, it will still show an error to the user.

I have integration between CRM and other system, will it also detect duplicates from the integration?
If you want it to, if you set ‘Allow Save Duplicate’ = No, then it will detect duplicates, regardless if it is user or the integration.

When I bulk-merge and select ‘Include related’, will child records be reassigned to the master record?

Can I merge single record?

Default duplicate detection will not work if I have more than 5000 duplicates, is there same limit for this addon?

Are you planning adding new features?
Yes, new features are planned.
Over 30 new features has been released since version 1.0