Features for next release of Data Quality App for Dynamics 365 CRM/CE

New features

  • Support for Unified Interface
  • Support for Power Apps
  • Source and Target filtering extended to work for Bulk Detection, List View Bulk Detection and Real-Time Detection.
  • Warning of duplicate on creation of a record, for an example:
    You have an DD rule on contact e-mail, when user is in process of
    creating new contact and types an e-mail that is a duplicate,
    duplicate warning will appear so user can see the warning before
    typing all data and clicking save.
  • Warning of duplicate when opening a record, for an example:
    If user opens a record and it has a duplicate, user will see a
    warning that there are duplicate for this record.

In addition to the new features, below will be fixed:

  • License user error when add-on is installed and no rules active. It will now check for license when there is one rule active.
  • Empty detection result window popping up when navigation in certain way.

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