After purchasing the product the customer is entitled to support and new releases (including release changes of Dynamics 365 or PowerApps) of the purchased product(s) for one year from the time of purchase of the first product licenses. Customer is entitled to support if customer has annual license or if customer has perpetual license with active software assurance.

After one year from initial purchase of the perpetual license, the customer may purchase annual software assurance.
We provide a 30-day grace period after support expiration to allow customers to purchase an additional year of software assurance.

In all cases where an additional year of software assurance is purchased, the term of that support will commence as of the expiration date of the original support period.
For example, an organization that purchases product licenses on January 1, 2011 and waits to renew software assurance until February 2012 will receive support through December 31, 2012; one year starting from the expiration of the original term.

Customers can contact our support from Mo-Fr 9am to 5pm GMT+2 on email (
Our technical support will respond within 2 working days.
Our support includes updates (for our addons, but not for addon-customizations of individual users), fixes, new releases and web sessions.

Our app are supported for as long as the according environment version is.

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